Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Festival and St. Louis

Well last week was the annual Westside Nutclub Fall Festival.  I took the kids down to ride rides and eat on two different occasions.  Usually we are down there everyday, but with school and other activities it just wasn't possible this year!  They had a great time on the rides.  Emma rode just about everything which is pretty rare for her!  They even won four fish!!
The kids playing a game at the Festival

Olivia, Emma, and my nephews riding the train

My kids eating with friends at the Fest

Proud of their four fish
On Saturday we headed to St. Louis with Ryan's whole family to celebrate my niece Rebekah's birthday!  The weather was perfect!! Everyone enjoyed the zoo.  We even got to see a baby lion!!  After the zoo we headed downtown to eat at the Spaghetti Factory.  YUM!!!
The whole fam (minus my mil) at the zoo

This chimp was so funny.  He kept picking his nose and then eating it!  Not much different from our kids!!

The cute baby lion

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