Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scout is Here!!!!

Well Ryan and I made the 6.5 hour trip to eastern Tennessee late last night (never thought we'd be those people that drive far away to pick up a dog).  We got up this morning, met the breeder to get the dog, and drove 6.5 hours home.  When the breeder met us she told us that Scout had pooped and thrown up in the car on the way over.  I was not too happy about that.  The only thing I could think was that we have a very long trip home with a messy puppy. 
I was wrong!!  He sat on my lap and slept the entire way home with no messes.  Being home has been great.  The kids were of course excited, but Scout is very, very scared and shy.  He is just sitting with the kids and resting.  I'll just keep praying it stays this easy!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1st Haircut

I had my yearly physical this morning so while we were out I decided it was time to get Olivia's haircut for the first time!  The kids usually get their haircut on the west-side but since it was her first I thought we would go to the fun kids place on the east-side.  In the car when I asked her if she wanted  her haircut she shouted, "NO!!", so I wasn't so sure how it would go!  My worry was in vain....she sat perfectly still and watched the movie and played with a Barbie phone while the lady cut her hair.  The hairdresser even commented how well she was doing for her first time!  Olivia may be almost two, but she acts as though she is about four!!! She is generally well-behaved and totally understands when you explain something to her.  My girl is getting so big!!  Of course it didn't hurt that I promised her a sucker when she was all finished!!

All ready for her first haircut

Sitting like such a big girl
All done!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am officially in a state of denial.  One week from today my baby girl should be turning two!!  I say, should be, because I am not allowing it.  There has been no party planned, no presents bought, no cake prepared.  If you know me at all, you know that I am not typically sentimental or sad about my kids birthdays.  Usually they pass with a normal amount of fanfare and celebration, but this birthday is different.  You see I never thought that I would make it to Olivia's 2nd birthday without another little bundle in my arms; or at least one in my belly!  When Olivia was 6 months old I found out that I was pregnant again.  At first I was really scared and wondered, "How am I going to do this?"  I was I going to have a 14 month old and a newborn.  It wasn't long though until I was excited at the idea of having my kids so close together.  We were going to have a lot of crazy fun!!

Most of you that read this know how the story goes.  On September 9th, 2010 I delivered my son, Andrew, at 16weeks.  After much grieving I knew that I wanted another baby and was praying that I would be pregnant again before Andrew's due date which was in February 2011.  My prayer was answered when I had a positive pregnancy test on New Year's Day 2011.  We were anxious but excited that we would still have our kiddos close in age.  Again the story turns south when we found out our precious Abigail was gone at 16 weeks.  She was delivered on March 31, 2011. 

At first I said that I needed the rest of the year to process and give my body a break, but as time went on that hole that was left in my heart was starting to ache.  I wanted another baby!!  Abigail's due date and Andrew's birthday passed.  Still not pregnant!!  And now, here I am at Olivia's birthday.  She is turning two and I never in a million years thought I would make it to this point and not be pregnant again.  I was pregnant three times in the first 14 months of Olivia's life ( I had one early miscarriage before Andrew when Olivia was 4 months old).  How could I not get pregnant in the last 8 months??  It seemed to easy before!

Rest assured that I know God has a plan for my life; it just doesn't look the way I thought it would.  I pray every day to wait patiently on His timing; fully aware that means I may never carry another child in my womb.  No matter how much I want to deny the upcoming birthday of my precious toddler, I know she is still turning two and I know that whatever God has in store for our family it will be good!!  He is the giver of all good gifts! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mammoth Cave

Yesterday we took a field trip to Mammoth Cave.  I had never been to a cave so I was quite excited.  Truth be told, I was a little nervous.  The thought of being down underground where you cannot easily get out was not appealing to me at all.  However, I put my fear aside to go and enjoy God's creation and I am glad I did.  The cave was beautiful, magnificent even.  Huge open rooms, tiny passageways, long pits, and a small waterfalls.  God really has a great imagination!!