Thursday, November 17, 2011

1st Haircut

I had my yearly physical this morning so while we were out I decided it was time to get Olivia's haircut for the first time!  The kids usually get their haircut on the west-side but since it was her first I thought we would go to the fun kids place on the east-side.  In the car when I asked her if she wanted  her haircut she shouted, "NO!!", so I wasn't so sure how it would go!  My worry was in vain....she sat perfectly still and watched the movie and played with a Barbie phone while the lady cut her hair.  The hairdresser even commented how well she was doing for her first time!  Olivia may be almost two, but she acts as though she is about four!!! She is generally well-behaved and totally understands when you explain something to her.  My girl is getting so big!!  Of course it didn't hurt that I promised her a sucker when she was all finished!!

All ready for her first haircut

Sitting like such a big girl
All done!!!

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