Monday, April 23, 2012

In a Jam

Today we decided to make strawberry freezer jam.  Last year in May we made some and it has lasted us all year; I just finished the last bottle yesterday.  They kids always enjoy helping, although they usually end up deserting me half way through the project!!
We bought two flats of strawberries.  I thought that might be a little ambitious but it didn't make as much as I thought.

The "fruits" of our labor!!


  1. We're going to that on Friday! Thanks for the idea - that jam at your house was DELICIOUS! I have a jar of Smucker's that just doesn't live up to yours!

  2. Oh wow you will the mommy of the year award in my book. Those look lovely and tasty! I hope you can join us tomorrow and every Tuesday for bereaved mommies link-up :) I bet the kids had a lot of fun making the jam.

  3. Inviting you the Carnival of Home Preserving on my blog today and every Friday. Hope to see you there. Laura Williams’ Musings