Friday, March 1, 2013

Day in a Life

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to share a day in a life.  Our days either seem pretty typical and boring, or we are on the run with WAY to much to do.  We had no where to go all day today, so its been pretty quiet around here.  By 6-6:30 Isaiah and Olivia are usually awake and eating breakfast and maybe watching a cartoon (even though Isaiah is supposed to be getting the dog out and starting school!)  I try not to get out of bed until 7:30am but that doesn't always happen.  Allen eats around 8am and this morning I read the older kids our devotional while I fed him.  After breakfast Olivia and Allen played while the older two started their school work.  Isaiah had two science experiments today that had to do with combustion; so I had to keep my  eye on my little fire bug.  I ran around doing laundry, dishes, and making sure Olivia didn't have to potty.  We all eat lunch around 11:30-12, including the baby.  After lunch we reviewed our Classical Conversations material, I graded some papers, started work on my Bible study, talked to my sil on the phone, and then Emma and I practiced violin together while Olivia watched a movie!  Right now the movie is still on and Allen is laying down for a nap.  The older two should be upstairs reading, but I have a feeling they are playing video games.
Tonight two of my nephews and a niece are planning on spending the night after the girls go to a violin workshop.  We'll have dinner, play, and then it will be bedtime!  I love days like this where we don't really have anywhere to go all day long.  Most days we are running to violin or piano lessons, a doctor appointment, haircuts, basketball practice, or to our homeschool co-op.  Once warmer weather comes the kids will speed through their school work to get outside to play as quickly as possible!  Can't wait to get some sunshine!!

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