Friday, February 15, 2013


If I wasn't living it; I wouldn't believe it.  Since my last post Isaiah has had strep throat and a cold, Olivia has a cold and Allen has been diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection.  It really is time for this cycle of sickness to be over.  We've also had to replace a broken toilet and fix a broken fridge in the last week.  Anyway, I know that the Lord is teaching us something and is sustaining us through it all.

We did venture out of the house Wednesday this past week to attend a Classical Conversations open house.  The kids and I really had a wonderful day and I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw.  Emma even said it didn't feel like school and she wanted to go back next week.  So, my excitement for school next year continues to grow.  Now I just can't wait to get my manuals and books so I can get organized and ready for the big change when fall comes.
The kids "helping" me give Allen a breathing treatment

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