Sunday, August 7, 2011

Can I have the best of both worlds??

For the past month my family has been attending a new church.  This church was started by our old high school pastor who Ryan and I both love.  In many ways this church is what my heart has been craving: smaller congregation, family integrated (ie. no Sunday school for the kids), and of course great preaching from The Word.  Today we attended service at the church that Ryan grew up in.  This church holds a special place in our hearts.  I began going to church with Ryan when we started dating some 17 years ago.  We were married there, baptized there, and have dedicated our children there.  Lifelong friendships have been formed and over the years we have poured our life into serving the community in this church.  Today we went back to celebrate the church's 37 year anniversary. Going back today after being gone a month brought back so many emotions about why we loved this church in the first place.  The teaching is solid and always based on God's Word and the worship is rockin' (which Ryan and I both love)!!  Neither of us can seem to discern where the Lord wants us.  We really miss serving on the worship team at a larger church, but we also love the small family environment of the other church.  The difficulty of the decision is also compounded by family and friends.  Our family and many friends are still attending the other church, while our entire small group Bible study, except one couple, have moved to the new church.  Ryan and I have been a part of this small group since before we were married!  We have been there for each other through dating, weddings, births of children, deaths of children, moves across the ocean, remodeling projects, surgeries, cancer.....the list could go on and on!  Obviously no matter where we end up, we will still have a bond with our family and friends. Nothing will ever change that!!!
I guess the only thing we can do is stay steady in prayer for the Lord to lead us where He wants us to be and that our judgment wouldn't be clouded by our own desires.  I would really love the best of both worlds in this situation but that is not possible.  One thing Ryan and I both agree on is that we want to make a commitment and we want the Lord to lead us to what is right for our family!!  Thanks for praying with me!!


  1. Shanna....i feel the same exact way right:) we too are doing the limbo. Although it's mainly me struggling since my husband didn't grow up here. Although for the last 9 yrs we've been together and the last 6 yrs living back in evv it's been our home too. we too got married there...i was baptized as a teen there. Our children were dedicated here and the support we received during our pregnancy and after is unforgettable.
    so.....yes your struggle is our struggle. praying to feel peace and finally land one place or another:)
    Jenny Burkett

  2. Sometimes it is easy to find comfort and peace in what is familiar to us. Perhaps God wants you to take a new journey, test uncharted waters, and find new growth in this new church community? Perhaps getting to revisit your old church again is a way to help you incorporate what you have learned into an even greater experience with God at your new home. Keep praying. I am sure you will soon find an understanding at what He wants from you. I am certain His will is for you to share your goodness with more people than before.

  3. Shan & Ryan,

    If I could help with just one thought, it'd be this. I recall the very first time I saw Ryan when he came to our home on Cherryhill Dr. As soon as I opened that front door & saw him I just knew he was going to be your spouse. It was an amazing peace from God's Spirit. I had no doubts @ all...So take this slowly. Try & not get into a hurry. I know your friends that went to Germany to serve had to go thru similar consternations. ........ Mom