Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facials and Ladders

Fall is in full swing at our house.  This time of year feels so busy.  With violin, piano, soccer, Bible study, co-op, art class, and school work there is hardly time for necessary things such as cleaning, dishes, laundry or cooking dinner.  Still we have managed to find time for things that are fun!!  A few weeks ago when we were in Chicago Emma purchased a spa kit with her money.  She has had so much fun making soaps and scrubs.  On this particular day she had made a facial mask and Isaiah was trying to help her.  Emma could only stand having it on her face for about 2 minutes before she ran off to the shower to wash it off!!
I couldn't resist putting this picture on here.  Ryan will probably kill me!!  Apparently he didn't have a ladder long enough to get to the roof.  My baby is a redneck at heart!!

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  1. So Very cute!! Iloved seeing these alot!!.... Good Memories..... Mom