Sunday, September 4, 2011


On Friday night Isaiah had a birthday sleepover.  It was very short notice, but it all worked out!!  He decided he wanted to do "make your own" pizza.  All the kids seemed to enjoy making and eating it!!
After that they ate pumpkin cake (Isaiah's request)

So much sugar was consumed on this overnight!!  Pizza, soda, candy, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast! 
The rest of the night was filled with beyblade tournaments, video games, rock band, football, basketball, and make-overs (for the girls)!!  We really had a wonderful time!  The kids were all so polite, thankful, and kind to one another.

The next morning they all enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and then we took rides on the Rhino through the field next to our house!!  Everyone was really tired, but had a great time!!  Hopefully it is a birthday celebration that Isaiah won't forget!!

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  1. He is an amazing young Man! So very glad he had such a cool time with his buds!!...... Granny 'T'